Monday, March 28, 2011

Great job - updates

My class is going well, I think. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had my first paper due a couple weeks ago. I received my grade a late last week and am pretty pleased with it. Turns out I did quite well, this is what the instructor wrote within my review.

"It is very, very rare that I give perfect scores on content, but this one was well deserved! You included research support for your statements and thoroughly discussed every area of the paper as described to the left. It’s even more rare for me to give a perfect100%! You did a FANTASTIC job!"

So far I believe I've earned a solid A- in the class, there were a few other assignments where I received a 9 out of 10 due to formatting or something similar... this week we have another paper due (hope to have it done by Wed) and by the end of next week we have a group paper due. I've taken the leadership role in the group (again) and am pushing my group members to have their portions done by next Monday. With luck they will and I can get the whole thing finished by that Friday (three days early). I'm not holding my breath though.


The end of last week was rather less then ideal... The worst has been the insurance issues. We increased our income a bit so had to switch the Kiddo's state insurance up a level. Unfortunately the new level requires a 50% co-pay for the growth hormone shots he's taking. That's 600 bucks a month! So he's off the shots for awhile as we figure out how to sort out the mess. The Endocrinologist assured me that the only "side effect" of the Kiddo not taking the shots would be lack of growth. Hopefully things will be sorted by mid April.

In addition we had a few problems with the car we've got on loan from the Man's folks. Long story short there seems to be something wrong with the fuel filter (or pump), though that's just a guess. It's been towed to a shop and we're back down to being a one vehicle household. I've been so thankful to have it on loan these past weeks with the Kiddo stuck in his cast!! We ARE within walking distance of the Kiddo's school but spring weather in Utah is unpredictable and wet, because of that walking is not an option so today we got up at 7:30am and drove the Man to work.

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Taemin said...

Put it on the fridge! suppose your paper was electronic. You could, um, feed it into one of those usb things and hang that up on the fridge.
No magnets though.


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