Friday, April 1, 2011

Coffee on the rocks

I love this idea, in fact I really can only see a couple potential problems with it. How on earth do you drink the second half of your cup without chipping your teeth? And if you don't use a cup... if you use a thermal mug would the sound of metal rocks rattling around drive you bonkers?
Ultimately it comes down to this though, I would love something that would keep my coffee hot in a cup so I could use my funky fun coffee cups in the morning. As it is if I don't finish the cup within 15 minutes it's already missed the happy hot but drinkable window ... If I had $40 extra I'd go ahead and pre-order a set. I wonder how it would work with tea? :-)


Taemin said...

strong magnets on the bottom and/or side of your mug. seriously. think about it.
and i agree - i want a pair.

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

I love the name they gave it: heat joules - joulies. Way cool. How many Joulies in a set? Sounds really interesting but I don't want metal rocks hitting my teeth at the end of my cup. The rattle will remind me of ice cubes, so no biggie.

Taemin said...

So, after going through a bunch of posts that I'd missed (I uh...stopped reading so regularly, and missed like 70% of them this past month or so), I came back here.
Can't believe I forgot about joulies! So I clicked the link to see the probability of an impulse buy - didn't realize the company hadn't actually started up yet. They needed enough orders or something for, like, one big batch.
And they succeeded four days ago!

"4,818 BACKERS
$306,944 PLEDGED OF $9,500 GOAL
This project successfully raised its funding goal 4 days ago."

...if I impulse-buy, I'll prolly get a pair. But you gotta wait, cuz they're not being produced yet (just that one big batch)


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