Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been a difficult month, and I think all the stress is effecting the Kiddo a little. The Man was gone for several weeks, we got the new puppy, and he started school.
Every day we sit down before school and practice writing his name. I've noticed his focus is very poor and seems to be worse then it was a few months ago. As it is he gets a couple letters and starts messing around.

I had a thought though, this afternoon. I wonder if it's time for his hydrocortizone dose to be increased. One of the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, when it is not medicated properly, is difficulty concentrating. Of course, as far as I understand it, all kids his age have problems focusing to some degree or other. But his seems to be extreme. He was prescribed his current dose last August and since then (well since May when we started his growth hormone shots) he's grown quite a bit. The dose level is determined by height and weight... to me it seems like it could be possible that his dose is to low and contributing to his problems with school work.

At any rate we have to wait until the middle of next month to be able to ask his doctor about it. But I WILL be asking, he's had far more "oops I forgot my pants" instances then I like to admit. I don't think they are all him just trying to be funny... and I hate the idea of putting him in time out every five minutes for the rest of his life (which is one of my ways of trying to help him refocus)... it really really makes homework time drag on.

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