Friday, September 24, 2010

doctors and dogs

The Kiddo took Cupcake to her first vet visit yesterday. As usual she was an instant hit with everybody. I gather a Beagle/Shih-tzu mix is not a common thing, and she has a very unique look because of it. The doctor said she is extremely healthy, he did an entire check eye, nose, mouth, teeth, heart, ribs, knees, etc etc etc and it was almost like he was surprised at how well everything checked out. Maybe he was just trying to impress us with how happy he was with her but he really did go on and on about her good health and behavior.

(9 weeks old, 5lbs 7oz)

At any rate I do like the place, it was clean and the staff was nice. The people coming in and out with their dogs seemed happy, and the animals didn't appear to be too freaked out by being there. It doesn't hurt that they are 5 minutes from our apartment either.

I should add that as proud as the Kiddo is of his recent growth and the things he can do with it (he tells complete strangers about how he can now reach the potty to pee without using his stepstool)... he is equally proud of the pound that Cupcake has gained in the last three weeks, and brags about her to anybody who will listen. I think he has definitely made the connection with her that we were hoping he'd make. Score one for the parents!

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