Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 2 - Day 1 (Part 1)

I think of today as day 1 of the Kiddo's second chapter of life.. chapter 1 was all the baby and toddler stuff, growing and learning at home.

Chapter 2 is more about social expansion, Kindergarten!! I admit I've been super freaked out, I still am. Fortunately between my mom, sister, and friends I have a great support structure and it's helping me adapt to the changes. Thanks everybody!

The Kiddo took heading to his first day of school in stride. He ate his breakfast faster then I've ever seen him eat before. When it was time to get dressed he picked his black cords and bright yellow shirt, and his favorite white tennis shoes. He wore his backpack for at least an hour pacing around the house waiting for it to be time to go.

When we got to his school I found a place to park (across the street) and walked him towards the group of parents and kids milling around. We got about 20 feet from then and he stopped, he gave me a little push and said "okay, bye mom, you can go now, I'll see you later!" Of course I didn't leave (which ticked him off a little) and I managed to get a couple pictures before they were all shuttled into the classroom.
Look at how short he is, even WITH the last three months worth of growth. Now is the two hour wait until it's time to pick him up. I'm going to try to get THAT on video for you guys. I'm sure he's going to be bouncing up and down on an adrenalin high so we'll take a quick trip to his Grandma's house, then the store (to walk it off) and then we'll be home and I'll post Part 2 the after action review *chuckle*

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C said...

"okay, bye mom, you can go now, I'll see you later!"

Ha ha! :-D


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