Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 2 - Day 1 (Part 2)

Picking the Kiddo up from school was not the experience I thought it would be. I expected him to come running at me, full of chatter about the other kids or what really neat toy he played with. Instead I got this:

After shutting off the video camera and calming him down we talked about how the bus doesn't stop at our house. We live much to close to the school for them to want to stop here so he can't ride the bus. He looked really sad for a minute and then said "I know, what if we got a new house? Then the bus could come get me!" Well that would be a solution to the problem, I gotta give him credit for thinking it up. After that we tried again. He still wouldn't really talk to me about class though, just the very bare bones basic stuff:

Over the course of the rest of the day he told me a little bit here and there about what he did. They traced baby a's (in crayon) and circles (again in crayon). He also had a sheet of paper with a whole bunch of l's on it, I'm not clear if they were supposed to be practicing strait lines or what (he wouldn't tell me).

All in all I think he had a good day. He has said a couple of times that he "did it right, small" which I assume means the a. And that he "didn't do it right, but it was hard" which I have no idea what refers to. I'm finding the lack of actual communication frustrating. But for now it's enough that he had a smiling face (after the school bus incident that is) and he still has quite a bit of enthusiasm for the next day he gets to go to school (his teacher bribing with a ding dong probably helped that).
Just now as I put him to bed I asked him what he was going to dream about. He said "I will dream about the school bus,... and about our new house!!"


C said...

That first video freezes for me at fifteen seconds, so I don't get to see his bus disappointment.
My overall impression is of a kid who was overwhelmed with too many experiences to be able to pick out any one thing. As he gets used to the whole situation he should get better at recalling different incidents to tell mom about when he goes home.

C said...

Fourth try at the video worked!
Poor kid, he loves big trucks and everything so much and he can't get to ride on that one :-(


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