Tuesday, September 14, 2010

shhhhh (oes)

It's no secret that I have an, um, ahem, interest... yeah that's it, interest, in shoes. But sometimes I think people just go to far, there's a difference between cute, functional, footwear and well... these:

*click the picture to go to a slide show with several other "so ugly it's funny" shoes.


C said...

The hoof isn't split, so it's equine and not bovine. The angle of the foot/leg above the hoof is that of the hind leg up through the hock.

Okay, that means it is the back end of a horse and the person wearing those shoes must be a horse's ____.

(just being my usual analytical literal self)

Gwyneth said...

*laughing* oh man see now THIS is why I love you!! :D

Lady D said...

Gotta agree, when I first saw them all I could do was wonder if anybody has actually every worn them for anything other then part of a halloween costume.

Lynsey, Nate, and Brynn said...



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