Monday, September 27, 2010

Medical Plans

We ended up having our medical plan meeting with the Kiddos school this morning and I think it went very well. We had the teacher, principal and nurse all in the same room and they seemed to really listen to everything we had to say, they also asked a lot of questions. We took in a folder with a sheet listing all of his medical conditions (with a brief explanation), plus a short form explaining secondary AI and the signs and symptoms of low cortisol. I asked his teacher to keep a notebook so that if she noticed any change in behavior she can note the time and day... that way we can have figure out if there are any patterns and alter his medication to compensate if needed.

His teacher, the new one, hadn't had anybody mention his conditions yet (aside from a quick, that child is the Kiddo, keep an eye on him we're having a meeting to explain things soon) but she'd listened to what she HAD been told and had been watching him. She said the information we gave her today explained a LOT and she was really glad to have it and understand him more. Knowing what his "limitations" are (vision) and understanding "why" he gets the way he does (with his focus etc) makes it a lot easier for her to teach him.

All in all I honestly think it's almost a good thing that I hadn't been extra dosing him as much as I should have been... she was able to experience him at his "worst" and that helps her understand every thing far better then just having us explain it could have.
(big truck? small kid?)

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C said...

Oh, I'm so glad that went well. Of course, even the first teacher might have actually paid attention to your concerns and done okay afterward (with appropriate observation of the Kiddo) if she'd been part of a medical meeting where the important people (the nurse and principal) were giving serious attention to the problem. But I'm still glad you got him switched to a different teacher who acts like she cares more, and more glad that she and the other two there paid attention to what you were saying. :-)


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