Sunday, September 5, 2010

The best medicine

This is one of the videos I took yesterday... the one where he's reading to his new puppy. He did that quite a bit yesterday.

Today the Kiddo laughed more then I have heard him laugh in a long long time. Not that he's a quiet unhappy boy, but usually he's just very mellow. Today he laughed all day long, at everything. He laughed randomly remembering something she did from earlier (as she napped) and he really laughed while they played. They did a little more reading...

Then we took her to visit the inlaws and they had a three way play date, him, cupcake, and their little dog Sophie. When we got home she took a very long nap, and then we took her outside to play chase. She's learning leash very well and he loves to run and have her chase him.

She ran around the "track" with him maybe every third time, he went around at least 8 times... she was so tired by the time she went around the third time that her legs were shaking!! But she wouldn't let me hold her back so I had to tell him to stop the game. They flopped on the grass for a break.
and we all trooped inside to rest...
She did a lot of napping today (the long exhausted type from playing so hard) so I am a bit worried about her sleeping tonight. I tried to plan for it though, we took a 15 minute potty and play session outside at 7:30ish. Then I pulled her water and food at 8. I'll take her outside for a quick (lord willing) potty break at 10 and then if I'm lucky she'll sleep a good long time.

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