Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday updates

The Principal at the Kiddo's school told me this morning that they are still moving kids around and she would give me a call as soon as there was room to switch classes. I know the Kiddo doesn't care, but I really hope it is soon. I think it would be easier to have him switch as close to the start of the year as possible.

The puppy is testing my temper, but I think she's learning so I'm trying to be patient. The Kiddo and her (or is it she and the Kiddo?) are very slowly learning how to play together. He has a few issues with understanding she doesn't always want to play what he wants to play. She has a few issues with jumping and "biting" at him... she acts like he is a littler mate. Somehow we have to teach her that he is her master, not brother. Not sure how to do that, it's one of the reasons I was pushing for a 3 years or older dog vs a puppy.

Even with all the stress this month I have managed to resist the urge to buy a chocolate cake and eat it all myself. I'm pretty pleased with myself about that.

The Kiddo is slowly getting over his cold. It's dropped to his chest, which always seems to be the last stop on the way out of kiddo town so I'm hopeful he'll back to himself by the end of the week. Until then I'm going to give him a double dose of his medication at noon and hope that helps his concentration level.

That's pretty much it for updates. The only thing I have left to say is that it's fall, and soon the pumpkin spice coffee will be out, I'm looking forward to it. It's my favorite flavor of coffee (and creamer for that matter) and with these early mornings I'm pulling I've been drinking a LOT of coffee so it's a big event when I find a good flavor.

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