Friday, September 17, 2010

a conversation

Since we taught him to pee standing up the Kiddo has used a little stepstool in front of the toilet to make sure he was high enough to aim IN vs hitting the edge. The other day I walked into his bathroom just as he finished and I noticed that the stepstool was pushed in front of the sink vs in front of the toilet where it usually is.

me: um Kiddo... did you just pee without standing on the stepstool??!!

Kiddo: yep! it wasn't there and I didn't have to move it, I can reach.

me: holy smokes, I didn't realize you'd grown that much. That's so cool!!

Kiddo: yeah, I'm so proud of myself because I grew *happy grin*

*yeah yeah I know, the picture doesn't really relate to the story, but I don't have any new "growth" pictures and this one is pretty cute. The socks are supposed to make his hands look more like bumblebee hands.


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