Sunday, August 22, 2010

My, look how he's grown

Last Monday (the 16th) was the one year mark since we started giving the Kiddo his Hypothyroid medication. Next Tuesday (the 25th) will be the one year mark for the Adrenal Insufficiency meds... ... ...

And yesterday was the four month mark from the start of his growth hormone shots. If you remember my posting one month after he started taking them, he had grown 1 1/4 inches in those four weeks. Over the next couple months (until his doc appointment in mid July) he only added about half an inch of growth to that.

Well it's been five weeks since that doc appointment, and today we measured again. He has grown 1 1/4 inches*!! His smile says it all... he may still be a shorty, but he's catching up quick!!

*I rounded down 1/4 inch (because we found that my "at home" measurements tend to be about that much over what the doc measures).

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