Tuesday, August 17, 2010

shirts and shoes

My little sister (bless her) recently sent me the link to a kids cloth's sharing website. Basically I can buy a box of kid sized clothing, unseen, for just the cost of shipping (13 bucks) and all I have to do is fill my own box of clothing for somebody else to buy.

I'm on the fence. On the one hand, buying clothing I can't SEE first makes me twitch. The Kiddo is five AND he's his fathers son, he doesn't give a rats behind what he puts on his body... in fact if I didn't make him get dressed he'd just spend the day in his underwear. But I know what he likes anyway, and it's NOT preppy or cartoon type cloths. He likes what the Man likes, simple stuff with dark colors and rough and outdoorsy feel to them. If it's cartoons he wants starwars or iron man (not cars or whinny the poo).

Still, what are the odds I'd get a whole box of mickey mouse shirts? And 13 bucks for 7+ pieces of clothing is a steal, on my budget it's a bargain that might just be worth tossing the dice on. If I can shake lose enough to buy him say two shirts from the store, and maybe one pair of jeans, and pay shipping for just one box... well shoot I think that would be plenty to get him all the way to winter, if not through till spring.
(window shopping at Target he found a jacket he loves, now to save up 14 bucks so I can buy it)

Anyway I think I'll be trying it out. If the first box is good, I may end up buying a second. After all I know for sure I can fill at least two boxes with the Kiddo's "to small" cloths (I've got a ton of 2T stuff laying around, and he's just now outgrowing his 3T's).

I'm also gritting my teeth and listing his skechers hot-lights police car shoes on Ebay, part of me really wants to keep them but they don't fit him anymore so there really is no point. The sad news with that is that I cannot find another pair in his current size (he'd need a sz 10). That means new non flashy shoes, and I know I wont be the only one who misses them...


Fef said...

I found something but it is expensive. Just in case I have attached a link. Perhaps it will help you look for a less costly pair.


Gwyneth said...

Thanks girlie :) I found those same exact ones this afternoon (after blogging) but after shipping the size ten would be 50 bucks!! I would feel silly spending that much on shoes he'd probably outgrow by next summer.

Maybe though, if BOTH his old shoes sell (the sz 8 and sz9), we might be able to afford that and get them anyway. He does really love the shoes, and he would be so happy to have ones that fit again.


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