Friday, August 27, 2010


The first day of school for the Kiddo is fast approaching, it will be Sept 3rd. He is VERY excited. A few days ago the Mans mom came and took the Kiddo and myself to the store to buy him a few new outfits so he'd have something to wear. Five new shirts and two new pairs of shoes later I think we've got a good start! I also "bought" a box full of 4T cloths off of thred up, it has 8 shirts and one pair of pants in it so at 13 bucks I spent about 1.50 on each item of cloths, that's a great deal so I'm excited. I should get the box sometime early next week and I will post about it as soon as I do. Between the two he's got enough shirts to last him almost two weeks. New socks (we bought yesterday) and maybe a couple more shirts (eventually if I ever get any more extra cash) and he's pretty much set till winter.
At 1pm today is when we take the Kiddo in to meet his teacher. He'll have his assessment done and we'll finally set up his medical emergency plan. I admit to worrying a bit about what this assessment includes, which is dumb because he really is super smart.

I did a google search to ease my mind...
Can name primary/secondary clrs - check (confuses orange and pink though)
Can name the shapes - check (at least the simple ones anyway)
Recognizes all his upper case letters - check
Recognizes all his lower case letters - check
Recognizes his numbers - ummmm check
Can WRITE his upper case letters - check
Can write his name - check
Can write his lower case letters - no; not from memory
Can write his numbers - no; not from memory
Cut with scissors - nope, don't have any never had him try
Knows his address and b-day - check (most of the time anyway)
Knows his phone number - no, I'm lazy, I told him to tell folks it's on his medical id tag
Knows letters sounds - check

I think that's it. Anyway he's a little shaky in some areas but shoot that's what kindergarten is FOR, to teach him this stuff. Sometimes I think I could have kept him home and done homeschooling through this year. But I know sending him to school is the best option, because while I CAN teach him what he needs to know (obviously, I mean look at the check list) I CAN'T give him the social skills he needs, and that's what school will do. I'm terrified of it, the lack of control by having him away from me... even though the odds are 99.9/1 against something happening I still have the gut glench whenever I think about it. Will the Teacher watch him close enough? Will she CARE that he can't see out of that left eye when she's trying to teach him. Will she make sure he's included and continues to feel as normal as he feels now? He's such a good kid, I'm sure it'll all be fine *deep breath*

Oh and by the way have I mentioned he Can READ - check (proud grin going on here)
I'll try to post how the assessment/meeting went later this evening. Stay tuned!

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