Monday, August 2, 2010

Shoes and Cars

Saturday morning, as we got dressed for the day, I decided that instead of his usual crocs I would put the Kiddo's police car shoes on him. We upgraded him to size 9's about three months ago and I was a little shocked to find that they now fit snugly, in fact he complained that they were to small!! I think he has a little room left in them, but we will be buying him new shoes a lot sooner then I thought we would. I suppose I've been very spoiled by only having to buy new shoes once a year, after all he was in the 8.5 size for at least a year and a half.
We were putting shoes on so we could go out for the afternoon. My inlaws had invited us to go to a classic car show with them. It's been awhile since we've been able to go with them to one and I've really missed it. I love seeing all the cars and hanging out outdoors just relaxing. It's a great activity to do with family, and we're really lucky when we can go. The Kiddo loves it, he loves classic cars.

We had a good time. The Kiddo's two favorite cars?... well Grandpa's of course.
and then the orange "monster truck" (yes I know, it's not a truck, but the Kiddo figures if it has big tires then that must be what it's called regardless of what it actually is).
He also got a pretty big kick out of this guy... the head spins around when you pass a motion sensor in it's chest. I'll admit it it freaked me out a little.


C said...

I had to get my dear husband to look at that "monster truck" with me to assure me I wasn't going nuts thinking it looked like a Karmann Ghia with the engine in the front. He says it's a Karmann Ghia, all right, and Yes, I'm correct in remembering that they had engines in the back. So he's thinking that this is a KG body put on some other vehicle's chassis.

Point is ... maybe Kiddo is correct and this IS a truck - - with a different skin on top.

Taggart said...

I also used the pictures from this post (i say "also" because i posted the comment about your more recent post first), to talk about trucks.
the two korean girls think its a truck too. they like the size of the wheels.

...don't worry - i shouldn't be using many more of your posts; I was supposed to "talk" with them, and I couldn't think of anything to talk about. [this week they said "trucks," and I remember you posted about your car-show-thing so...]


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