Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Core ... Balance ... working out

I ended up very bored with the wall exercises that I posted awhile back. They didn't "feel" like they were doing much, and as much fun as it was to watch the Kiddo try to do them with me, our apartment really isn't set up with much open wall space.

That being said I am going to ditch them and try a few new moves. These ones really work your core, which is what you want if your goal is a flatter mid section. I added them to the end of my 5 minutes ab routine and I can really feel them working so I think they'll be great. If you don't already have an ab routine going then there's a really great set of moves to try down at the bottom of the yoga article, 12 moves to target abs.

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C said...

The only ab routine I currently have is the one of inserting food into the empty spaces within the ab ... which has the added benefit(?!) of building insulation onto the outside of the ab. If the goal is to have bigger ab, I'm doing something right :-P


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