Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kindergarten prep

The Man has drill this weekend, and he always goes to get his haircut a few days before. This time, because the Kiddo starts school in three weeks, we made an effort to make sure the Kiddo got to go with him and get his haircut too. He loves when he gets to go with his dad, and he really likes getting to have the same haircut as him too. In the waiting room he read me Hop on Pop, I am seriously loving Dr Suiss books right now, they are fairly easy for him to read and he gets a real sense of pride in being able to do it.

When we got home I found, in the mail, a couple letters from his elementary school. The first told us what teacher he is going to have and that he's got the afternoon schedule. Which is great, except that their "new" afternoon times are an hour earlier then the ones they had written down when I chose them. The change will make Friday's medication schedule a little hinky.... but doable still I guess, if I give him his pill 45 minutes early.

I will be setting up his assessment testing appointment tomorrow, hopefully I can get it set for the 27th because then the Man can come with us.

We also found out that they switched to a traditional school year. THAT I'm a LOT ticked about, I was really excited that the Kiddo would be on year round school. There are so many positives to it, and I really think that he would have learned best that way.

I suppose on the bright side, now I wont feel so bad if we move out of this district. Before I would have felt bad about leaving such a good school situation, now it wouldn't matter. How is that for a positive attitude? :)

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Taggart said...

I used this entry as an educational tool for one of my super-small classes.
Hope you don't mind. :)


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