Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three more days till School

We've got a few more days to prepare, the first day of Kindergarten is this Friday, September 3rd. The Kiddo is impatient, every day he asks "is this the day I go to school?" And every day I tell him "no, it's on Friday, today is NOT Friday." I even turned the calander early so he could SEE what day today is and how many more days. I think he just likes to annoy me by asking.

At any rate his teacher sent us home with a project for him to finish prior to the first day of school. She had a person cut out of white posterboard, he was supposed to decorate it to look like him. We did it yesterday.
He asked to use buttons for the eyes and picked HUGE brown buttons, then he used string for the glasses, and little thin fabric pieces for the hair. He drew on the nose and mouth. He picked the shirt fabric and after I drew a shirt outline on it he cut it out. He asked if we could use his old jeans for pants (I said yes obviously) and then he cut some shoes. Finally he said the shirt HAD to have buttons (because the shirt he was wearing as he made it has buttons) so we use buttons and a piece of fabric to make it look like it was a button shirt. He is very proud of the finished product and I'd say he did most of it all by himself, I mostly helped with gluing (if he wasn't fast enough and the glue dried before he got the piece down) and with cutting the jeans.
During this project we learned that he's GREAT at cutting, and a little messy with a glue stick. I do sort of wish he'd picked smaller buttons for the eyes, those huge ones are a tad creepy... other then that, he did a great job making a super cute mini Kiddo.

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Fef said...

Doesn't the button eyes remind you of Caroline in a small way. :)


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