Monday, April 4, 2011

Ready… Set…

Four days until the Kiddos cast comes off. To be honest I’m a little scared, I don’t enjoy being on call 24/7 but by now I’m used to it. When that cast comes off he’s expecting to run and jump and play just like he did before. It’s going take a few weeks to build back up the strength in his leg and he doesn’t hear me when I try to explain that to him.

On my end I’ve already finished most of my school work for the week. My individual paper that’s due next Monday is finished, and all of my daily contribution posts are saved in a draft folder as well (the online classroom is a forum type format and we are required to post two "150 word comments” on four separate days). All that is left to do for this week is to turn in the work, and do another group paper. I have planned within my group to have the paper finished prior to Friday, so the weekend should be clear.

To help get ready for the event (Friday at 10:30am) I’ve packed a bag with the Kiddo’s jeans, underwear, socks and shoes, and put it in the car. Eight weeks of dressing his lower half in nothing but adult size small cut off sweats and I don’t think I’d remember to take “normal” cloths otherwise.

I’ve also purchased some special lotion. Three years ago when the Kiddos eczema was really bad I started researching what we could do to help make things better. I read a lot of different things about baths with bleach (uh really?… not gonna happen with a six year old) and I read about different types of lotions that were supposed to help. There was one that had amazing reviews no matter where I looked. But it was pricy, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to spend 30 bucks on 8.4 oz of lotion. I mean really?

Then the Kiddo broke his leg, the giant torture machine of a cast went on, and he stopped taking showers. His skin freaked out… his non broken leg was so dry it flaked, and his feet were beyond mentioning. I tried normal lotion, and then I tried the slightly more expensive “for extra dry skin” store bought stuff. I’d put it on in the morning and by mid day his leg would be flaky again. So I caved, I called my sister (she can be a pretty good enabler sometimes) and I purchased the little pot of lotion.


It’s amazing stuff, a little goes a long way (thank goodness) and his legs stay moisturized for days (rather then hours). I still feel a little guilty spending so much on lotion, I never would have for myself, but I am also very pleased with how well it works for him. I think it will last long enough to be worth the cost, and it has kept him from itching to death because of dry skin.

(click the picture to link to the amazon listing)

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