Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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4 years old hand xray 4-17-2009

Two years ago when the Kiddo was 4 he had his fist bone density x-ray. We lugged him to the hospital and finally convinced him to hold still long enough for a picture to be taken of his hand. He didn’t understand what we were doing, but thought the lady operating the machine was nice.

5 years old hand xray 3-5-2010

Last year right about the same time, 5 years old and mid April, he had his hand x-rayed again. Same lady, same “hold still already yet jeez” conversation. Same explanation that we were taking a picture of the bones in his hand so we could see how old THEY are compared to how old he is.

6 years old hand xray 4-8-2011

This year, like clockwork, we went in again. Six years old, mid April, another bone density x-ray. But this time we got smart, we finally realized that we could request a copy of the x-ray image! The Kiddo loves them, he thinks the picture of his 4 year old hand is so tiny and cute. I have to say I agree.

Yeah the kiddo has some medical issues, but hey if he didn’t we would get to have little x-ray pictures of his hand. How’s that for a silver lining :)

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Lady D said...

you neglected to say what the results of the xray were. Are his bones catching up to his 'age'? (and I think his four year old hand is cute too lol)


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