Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Endo Visit

4-17-2011 army hat

Last Friday we took the Kiddo to his every three month Endocrinologist visit. There really isn’t all that much to tell, all the blood work (done a month prior) came back normal so all his medications stay at the same dosage. They had not received the bone density x-ray yet so there isn’t anything to report with that. I will say though that with the medication levels in his system normal I’m fairly certain that the x-ray is just a back up to the stated “everything's on track carry on” assessment.

Our doctor (or his nurse that is) does not have any sense. My mom commented on one of last weeks posts that she hoped they would be smart enough to measure the Kiddo by laying him down and marking off his height that way. They didn’t, he even had to stand to get weighed!! We took off his shoes and got him standing on the scale, then tried to get him to let go and balance for a second. He managed, but only barely. We did the same thing with his height, he stood the best he could and she quickly marked it off. I’m pretty sure his feet were flat (I checked the best I could while holding him up) so I think the measurement is close to accurate.

The last weight and height stats we have were done three months ago on January 7th.

January 7, 2011 ................ 41.25” ................... 38.4lbs

April 15, 2011 ................... 41.75” .................... 38.6lbs

I am pleased with the half an inch of growth, and very happy with only a tiny weight gain. I was concerned that with him sitting on his butt for two months in the spica cast he might gain a little tummy. Good job Kiddo! I’ll be interested to see where he stands at his next appointment at the end of July. For now there are no more doctor visits until June when we have his eye doctor appointment and his dentist appointment.

I’m itching for that eye doctor appointment to happen, his current glasses are to small (they leave pressure marks on his nose and ears) and while I’m not enthusiastic about buying new ones I WILL be happy to see him more comfortable (and playing with them less).

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