Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lets Rocket!!

4-11-2011 smaller wheelsI have mentioned before that the Kiddo has been in desperate need of new glasses. He’s had his ‘old’ glasses for at least two years, (if not longer) because his lens prescription hasn’t changed. As most of you know he has glasses more for eye protection then for help with seeing, this being the case he gets the the good stuff and fancy transition lenses. This means buying new glasses doesn’t happen unless it’s really really needed. But, as you can see (hopefully) from this picture, his frames are a little small, the ear and nose pieces leave dents when they are removed. He has begun to play with them (lifting them off his face), and I’ve had to start constantly nagging him to leave them alone.

Of course nagging the child has gotten old quick. The Man and I discussed it and decided to go ahead and buy him some new frames. We went through coastal contacts online because they have a great return policy and a really great price for frames AND lenses. Plus they have Astro Boy themed frames, the Kiddo was in love the minute he saw them…4-25-2011 astro boy frames

Gunmetal gray on the outside, minty green on the inside, with Astro Boy flying through outer space. The measurements were right (we took him to quite a few stores and tried on several dozen glasses to make sure we knew what size would fit him).

They came in a little over a week, far quicker then I thought they would. The lenses are his current prescription and polycarbonate, but we skipped getting him transition. The way we figure it these glasses will get him through the next few months until his eye doctor appointment in July. Then once we know for sure if his eyes have changed or not we can go get new lenses put in. The cost of the frames plus lenses was less then his old frames alone; for 38 bucks the Kiddo is happy, and is finally leaving his glasses alone… Which makes ME happy because now he’ll actually keep his glass ON and that means protected eyes.

4-25-2011 new frames (2)

Lookin good Kid.

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