Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011


I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I abandoned the Kiddo’s normal fruit and nuts basket this year. We did still have a few things of dried fruit, and crackers, but most of the basket was candy. The Bunny also brought him a couple books. Personally I think the bunny is a genius, the Kiddo has first thing in the morning medication which means he has to wait an hour before breakfast, and there’s no Easter treats until after that… it’s a long wait. A new book is the perfect way to help him pass the time.

The Mans niece had her birthday party on the Saturday before so as part of the event we colored eggs. The kids used a white crayon and he really had a good time drawing designs. My favorite (everybody's favorite) was a blue egg with an airplane doing loops. The story is that he can’t really hold the egg and see what he’s drawing, so he draws by touch (looking at a wall). His Aunt Jo did realize that’s what he was doing, she asked him what the picture was going to be and he cheerfully said an airplane, she thought oooookay. We died the egg, pulled it out, and yep there was a plane on it! She was shocked, I was a little impressed myself (and I’m USED to his antics by now).


On Easter morning the Kiddo slept in. I was up when the man left for work at 7:45, I took the dog out for a long walk and then put her back in her crate (no egg eating allowed!). I then sat around waiting and waiting for the Kiddo to wake up. Finally at 9:30 I couldn’t wait anymore (his medication time was slipping past) so I went in to wake him up. He was so funny, he tried to hide under his covers and go back to sleep. I said that if he really wanted to go back to sleep that was okay but he needed his pill first, the time it took to take the pill was enough for his brain to start working because as soon as he’d swallowed it he said “did the bunny come??!!” and started crawling out of bed.

He had forgotten all about the egg hunt. He found his basket and that was all he cared about. But once he got started he was more enthusiastic about it.


He found all the eggs, mostly crawling but he did have to walk a bit, that crafty bunny hid a few of them to high to reach without standing. By the time he found was done with that he only had about half an hour to kill before he could eat. This is about when he discovered the Bunny had brought him books. He read me one and then sat down to look through the other.

He spent a long time looking through his starwars book, it’s got every lego starwars set they ever made and he loves window shopping through it.


And when he finally got to eat his candy the first thing he picked was the chocolate bunny… he’s been asking for one of those ever since Target put up it’s Easter decorations (of which there are two giant cardboard ‘chocolate bunnies’).


**I spent three days trying to get a couple more videos to upload for this blog. I have one of him searching for eggs and another with him reading one of his books. Blogger apparently doesn't like either and I'm officially giving up because I feel like a slacker not having posted anything for so long. I hope everybody had a great relaxing Easter and that you manage to have a little more restraint then I did with your holiday related goodies. (mmmm)

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C said...

Yeah *sigh* It's pretty hard for bunny to please a kid with fruit and nuts after the kid starts associating with other kids who get huge baskets of candy. Your house resisted longer than ours did, though, so kudos to you for a good attempt at keeping it healthy.


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