Monday, April 25, 2011

two weeks later... mouse steps

Two weeks after his cast came off the Kiddo finally takes some mouse steps, up till this point we had managed to get maybe one or two steps out of him. A visit to his cousins house, a half dozen people cheering him on, and he walked a couple feet. We came home and I asked him to do it again for a video. This is the video,

The thought of falling terrifies him, taking that first step was a hurdle, taking the second (weight on his "bad" leg) was a bigger one. Now he knows he can do it, but he still has to talk himself into the first step. Still he's done it, and now we're moving on to the next stage, the long process of getting strength back into those muscles! I am really proud of our Kiddo... he has come a long way in two weeks :)


C said...

I hadn't even thought about the fear of falling, but of course he would have that. The last time he walked he did fall rather abruptly, and it was very painful. I guess his mind will hang onto that memory until a lot of uneventful walking has pushed it into the background. *big hug* to the little guy.

Gwyneth said...

I didn't realize how scared he was until the Man stood behind the Kiddo holding his hands and we tried to get him to walk to me, then I could see the fear in his eyes. I hadn't realized the fall had affected him that much *sigh* We're going to work on walking with two adults around for awhile until his confidence grows.


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