Friday, July 3, 2009

The Zoo ...

They were all asleep!! I am not kidding either. The Kiddo started out sooo excited about seeing animals. We didn't tell him where we were going until we got there and he wouldn't stop grinning and saying "we're going to see the amimals?? really?? can we see a lion? can we see an elephant?" It was adorable. And then as we started walking through he started to get a little frusterated. By the time we were at the end he was more interested in the "things" then he was the animals because shoot, a sleeping animal is really almost like a statue to a kid that young.

We did see the elephants (they were eating), and the rhinoceroses, who were eating as well. The black bear walked out of his little cave and then right back into it never to be seen from again. The big cats were all sleeping. The monkeys were sleeping or just sitting on their butts. I suppose the zebra's were wandering around so that "exciting". By the time we'd been wandering for an hour the Kiddo was quite a bit less enthused.

Basically it WAS a fun trip, we all really enjoyed it, but it could have been so much better. I'm very glad that we got in for free or I'd have been kicking myself for spending 27 bucks on it. There were three things that really stuck out for the Kiddo... Or more to the point when asked what we did today/saw his three answers were:

1) Rode a train!! (yes we did spend the buck each to ride, I think he'd have killed us otherwise).

2) Saw the Elephants.

3) Saw the Giraffes! (Oh he loooved the giraffes, a kid after his grannies heart I think lol, he would not stop talking about them and just wanted to stay and watch them once we saw them. THEY were awake, and eating and wandering around).

Next time we will do a little research to try and figure out when is best to go so that the animals are more awake. The Man thinks that if we can get out there as soon as they open (9am) we might do better. Anyway here are a few pics for you to enjoy. We got more pictures of him with the statues then we did with the animals (because of the sleeping thing). Click em to big em!


360_gandering said...

That stance in front of the gorilla looks SO much like his dad; our littlest family guy is growing up *snuffle snuffle*.
Yeah, I guess you wouldn't remember that when you were little we would go as early as possible in hopes that the animals wouldn't be already asleep. Even the critters who are not nocturnal don't like being out in the heat of the day. If you can't be there early, the alternative is to try to find out their feeding schedule so you can see them when they come out for lunch ('though for all I know, the zoos may now be feeding morning and evening when the animals are awake anyway, instead of following the old practice of making feeding time a spectator event).

Gwyneth said...

WEll that WAS a long time ago *chuckle* Actually I did remember a bit, we woke up at 7:30, it just took three hours to get out of the house... wow that sounds bad. I blame it on the Man, he takes forever in the bathroom ;)


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