Monday, July 13, 2009

splish, splash

he wasn't taking a bath... but he WAS swimming. Kicking his little feet and propelling himself across the water in an effective (albeit slow) manner.

He was okay with his goggles, he usually fights em because they don't fit right. Which is understandable. I can't seem to find a pair that is small enough for his little head (i.e. the nose piece is always to wide and pushes the edges of the eye cups into the inside corners of his eyes). I think when we can afford it we will go buy a pair of "snorkel" goggles and see if he likes them better.

One pair of water wings - 4$ (send by Lady D last year)
One pair of bat goggles - 9$ (he only kept them on for 15 minutes)
watching the kid float and try to swim w/out freaking out and clinging to me - priceless!!

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