Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When the Man isn't home I deal with spiders on my own, when the Man IS home it's a given that spiders and bugs are his job. He WILL deal with them, I don't care how as long as the end result is that they are out of my house.

Today, just after he got home from work, I saw a spider crawling merrily along on the ceiling. I asked the Man to take care of it. The spider jumped from the ceiling down to a chair, and then from the chair to the floor... of course this is when the Kiddo came running to see what we were doing. I grabbed him and held him back so the Man could find, and dispose of, the spider. The Kiddo thought it was hilarious.

Next thing I know he's got a paper towel of his own and is stalking an imaginary "bug" on the wall. He scoops it up and crumples the paper towel into a ball. He then comes over to me and pushes the paper towel into my pocket.

He very proudly said "I caught the bug, I got him, and I put him in your pocket so he can be safe and and he can never go away again."

Somehow I think he missed the point... ... ...

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