Thursday, July 9, 2009


For the most part the Kiddo tends to say the correct word for what he means. Yeah sometimes it's a little garbled but it's always been the correct word. Except for maybe a few... So I submit for you a few new additions to the four year olds dictionary:

Fridge: A structure that spans a gap, usually walked or driven over.

Catching: What happens when a baby animal cracks it's way out of an egg.

Gator: That thing other kids run around and shoot each other with when they want to play cops n robbers or soldier.


360_gandering said...

I see bridge and hatching, but whence "gator"? Am I being dense, or is that one obscure?

Gwyneth said...

I have no idea why Gator means Gun but it does. It was his very first "messed up" word (should I be proud?). The Man seems to think the Kiddo got "gator" from "get her" but who knows..


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