Monday, July 20, 2009

Best thing/ Worst thing

I've been doing a thing with the Kiddo lately where, as I tuck him in, I ask him what the best thing was that happened to him that day was. Then he asks me. Then we talk about the worst things as well.

I'm probably completely off my nut but I feel like doing this helps him remember some of the fun stuff, and helps put the not so fun stuff into perspective. Most of the time he has trouble coming up with something that he thinks counts as "the worst thing".

The other night I tucked him in and handed him his stuffies to cuddle... I asked him what the best thing that happened to him that day was. He said the best thing was getting to go swimming... I asked him to think about the day again because we hadn't gone swimming. So he thought hard, (screwed up his forehead in concentration) and told me going to buy food with mommy was the best thing. Well sweet!! I guess the fact that I occasionally buy a mint paddy on the way through the checkout for him and I to split probably helps with that attitude. (My mom didn't do that very often but every time I grocery shop I think of the times she DID do it and it makes me want to do it too).

So then I asked him what the worst thing was that happened that day. He started laughing like a fool (which is his usual reaction) and sputtered out between giggles that "making a mess" was the worst thing. To which I pointed out that making the mess was the fun part, cleaning UP the mess was the not so fun part. He got serious and said, "yeah, that's true". So I asked him if there wasn't something else that he had been unhappy about with the day?.. .. ..

He started laughing again and said "peeing in my bed last night".

He DID pee in his bed the night before. He got up, turned on the hall and bathroom light, took off all his wet cloths and tried to wash them in the sink and put them in the washer. He then tried to change his sheets but couldn't get the fitted sheet off the bed so came and got me. He was shivering cold and naked when he crawled into bed and whispered in my ear "mommy, I need help, I have to wash the sheets". It's been months since he's had a middle of the night accident, I scooped him up, got him dressed, quick changed his sheets, gave him super snuggles and put him back into bed.

So he was giggling about it as he thought about it, but he was also saying it was the worst part of his day. I choose to believe, because of his actions when he did it, that he didn't think it was funny that he did it... he just thought, a whole day later, as he was laying down to go to sleep, that maybe it wasn't as awful as he thought it was when he was trying to clean it up all on his own cold and wet and tired at 4am.

hmmm could that mean that I'm not so crazy doing this best/worst thing after all?

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