Wednesday, November 12, 2008

back to the grindstone

Well Ph is gone home now. She left yesterday afternoon. I, being a lazy no good you know what, didn't feel like posting anything last night which leaves me playing guilty catch up this morning.

First a funny story (the Man says I MUST share). Friday morning the Kiddo and I bundled up and hustled to the car (several minutes late) to drive to the airport and pick up Ph. I had him, his diaper bag, my purse, a blanket, and my coffee... only I didn't have my purse. I found that out when I got to the car (which is a decent distance from the apartment). So as I was buckling Chance in I was (yes I admit it) distractedly swearing up a blue streak. shit shit shit shit shit... thinking hmm can I get away with locking him in and running back for the purse or will I get arrested and have my child taken away. (You know the drill I'm sure).

Okay do you have that image in your head?? There I am, kneeling in front of my child buckling his seat belts saying the S word... and the angel child pipes up, interrupting me from under the mound of blanket, and winter coat "no mommy, it's damnit!, say damnit"

I still snicker thinking about it. Yeah, I am SO getting the best mom of the year award. I was corrected on which swear word I used by my THREE YEAR OLD!! To give myself a little credit I told him "no, it's darNit, mommy should have said darNit, we don't say those other words huh."

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