Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today I had big plans to be creative and sew beautiful things and be productive... but once I checked my email I became cranky so it probably wont get done.

I'm cranky because ... well, if you've checked out my etsy store lately you've probably noticed I've listed some craft stuff for the MIL. Last week one of those things sold. This morning I got a message from the buyer saying that a piece of it was broken when they got it. Granted I packed it in a bubble mailer with paper and plastic bags as extra cushion (instead of spending money on a box), but the thing was at least 3/4" thick wood so I figured it would be safe. Now I have to write this person and tell them if they want to return it I will happily refund the purchase price (minus shipping) and I'm really sorry bla bla

The whole thing is sooo much more trouble then it's worth just for good karma points and being a good DIL *big sigh*

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Phaidra said...

Hugs, I am sorry I realy thought that should have worked.


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