Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday morning catch up

If you haven't checked out the link on the side of my blog for the Cake Wrecks site, make sure you go look at Sundays post. They made an entire car out of CAKE!! yum *drool*

Sunday afternoon Chance and I spent a bit of time camped out in front of the tv (with apples and popcorn) and watched Tinkerbell. I was worried it would be very "barbie"ish (if you've seen the commercials for the barbie movies you know what I'm talking about). It really wasn't to bad though. The movie had so much potential (seriously how many of us adults are Tinkerbell fans!) but it was definitely made for kids. It makes me wonder if anybody will every make a Tinkerbell movie geared towards grown ups. My final review is it was cute and not to obnoxious. If I had a daughter I'd definitely be buying it and adding it to my collection.

The Turky update is I contacted the buyer and offered a refund if she returned it. She wrote back and said she'd super glued it and it looked fine so she will keep it. I'm glad. I still feel a guilty that it broke though. I thought it was packed well enough (so did the Man AND Ph).

My last rambling note is this... over the weekend I got some unsolicited Avon junk catalogues hung on my door. First let me say to anybody thinking of doing that it is NOT a good way to get business. Oh sure, I looked through the catalogues, then I marked the stuff I may want, and then I browsed online to find some place else to get them. I don't like to encourage junk mail *grin* The ultimate point of this paragraph though is to say that there is a cologne in there for Men (Black Suede) that smells absolutely devine. I tried to get the Man to tell me if he'd wear it and he wouldn't commit. You can get it off Ebay for about half the price of what Avon is selling it for and it's really not a bad price to begin with (comparatively). hmmm... ...

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