Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too smart.. moving forward

I don’t know what to say here, we went to talk to the Kiddo’s school academic team last Friday about keeping him back in Kindergarten. They had seen his scores for ADHD (which showed he did not have it) and run him through a whole list of academic type tests.


I can’t really explain how to read the scores. I think they said an average score was between 80 and 100, even his lowest score was at the high end of that average range, and almost all of the Kiddos scores were easily above that. (you’re looking at the last column, under SS ).

Needless to say our request to hold him back was denied. If we wanted to continue fighting for that end we would have to take our case to the school board. Mrs. G (the principle) promised that if we allowed them to advance him into first grade they would do more frequent assessments of his progress. She said they knew he was smart so they would know that any failing was for other reasons, and that those reasons could be dealt with.

Anyway Kiddo’s going to be a first grader next year, I will pray that he gets a teacher that’s understanding and easy to work with, and I’ll make the time to do whatever co-teaching is needed.

Little bit of a shock to think your kid is smart, to have his teacher tell you she thinks he’s pretty smart… but actually SEE how smart he is, I mean even with his distracted focus he managed to score that high.


Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

Looks like he is doing great, I wouldn't worry about it. Going to school is really hard for kids to get used to. Nathen has the same type of focus problem.

Taemin said...

Yeah, whenever you say he's distracted, I never really think he'd be significantly more distracted than any other kid. It's just, he engages more in the classroom...only, not always with the lesson at hand.

I'm guessing of course. I sometimes imagine him as one of the kids that I teach - and he never seems like one of the spacey or weird kids (probably not the PC way to describe them, but I hesitate to diagnose 'em). If anything, his "focus problem" is probably just a disruption problem for teachers, which he has to learn to moderate - just like every other kid.

Hopefully school won't kill his drive.


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