Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a bus and some animals

Tuesday night if you asked the Kiddo what he thought his favorite part of Wednesday would be he would have said “riding on a school bus”

5-25-2011 school bus for field trip (1)

The announcement of the day is that, obviously, I survived the field trip chaperone gig. I had two girls and three boys (including Chance) the girls were great, helpful and polite and really good kids. The boys were okay, the taller one was a fountain of “let me tell you…” information and his mouth never ever stopped running. He even spent a few minutes here and there attempting to convert me to his church!! The shorter one was super quiet and a little sulky, I think maybe he was just really shy. The Kiddo was a ball of energy that really wanted to be walking and not stuck in his chair. I did my best to compromise by wheeling him to the animals and then letting him out to walk. All the kids listened well and behaved nicely, they were relatively patient and they didn’t wander too far ahead or behind.

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 005

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 007……..5-25-2011 zoo field trip 009

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 012……..5-25-2011 zoo field trip 013

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 014……..5-25-2011 zoo field trip 019

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 020……..5-25-2011 zoo field trip 021

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 024……..5-25-2011 zoo field trip 026

5-25-2011 zoo field trip 022

Before we started walking around I took a survey of favorite animals so I could make sure we saw at least those; giraffe, turtle, elephant, snake, and monkeys... we managed to see them all. I believe my gaggle of kids all had fun, which is good. Despite my best efforts the Kiddo ended up walking for part of the visit, and the girls took turns riding in the chair (I suppose they figured it was silly to have me pushing an empty chair) and the Kiddo was really worn out by the time we got home.

From the pictures I took (there were 25, I didn't post them all here) I selected about six that seemed to "showcase" a child and printed an 8x10 collage for them, one page for each kid. We'll ask the Kiddo's teacher to help him make sure they get them today after class. They aren't fancy (at home color printer on regular paper) but I hope the kids will like getting them anyway.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the Kiddos answer has changed…. He says his favorite part of yesterday was climbing on the dinosaur and seeing his favorite animal, the giraffe.

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C said...

I'm glad the kids were so well behaved for you, but what really catches my eye about today's post is that the pictures show the kiddo reasonably close in size to one girl and boy and actually taller than the other girl. No more Mr Shortstuff.


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