Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun run…

Today at the Kiddo’s school they are having the fun run. That’s where the kids go out and run a mile… woohoo sounds like fun right? Anyway they do it in grade groups so that the Kindergarteners don’t get trampled by the older kids. I decided not to let the Kiddo go, there’s no way he’d make it a mile (even walking). I let Mrs. S (his teacher) know that we’d be out of school for the day, and then this morning we did our own little family version of the event.

5-27-2011 taking the dog for a walk (2)

The kiddo had cupcakes leash, he wanted to be the one walking her for our run. See her waiting at the door for him to tell her okay? Good doggie!!

5-27-2011 taking the dog for a walk (3)……5-27-2011 taking the dog for a walk (5)

5-27-2011 taking the dog for a walk (4)

She kept walking around behind him, so he’d spin in a slow circle to get untangled. It take me about 15 minutes to do a full loop (all the way around the outer edge of the complex), so with him tow we only did a half loop, he held her leash for most of that time before he got tired of concentrating on his feet AND her. He did make the full half loop under his own power, it took us about 30 minutes. I should have taken a picture when we arrived back at our door. When I unlocked he burst into the apartment cheering for himself "woohoo, I am the winner of the family fun run… woohoo”… I made crowd cheering noises and hoisted him up on my shoulders for a lap around the living room. After that I don’t think he minded quite so much that he missed the event at school.

Oh and go back and look at that first picture again… see the car out the doorway? That’s the Thunderbird we’ve got on loan from my inlaws. We can park so close to the front door that the kiddo can go get inside the car on his own while I’m still locking the apartment! He practically bursts with joy every time he does it. Now maybe you have a better visual for why we moved :)

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Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

Your such a good mama... oh and I bet you love not having any stairs :)


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