Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair today... gone tomorrow

Yesterday I went ahead and got my hair cut. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I think I do, it's an awful lot like my sisters was back when we were in college a decade ago. So far it's quick and easy and the stylist thinned it out enough that it isn't to poofy on top. What do you think?


C said...

Ummm ... That's the best zoo picture I've ever seen :-P

(I think short hair looks very good on you.)

Taemin said...

I looked at the Hepburn picture again to compare. Its not quite the same. I think hers is more curly - too curly. I like yours better

Good job!

Gwyneth said...

Thanks C :) I remember you saying back at Ph's wedding that you really liked it short. For some reason I really didn't like that haircut, I think this one is shorter on top? Anyway I like it quite a bit better.

Thank you also T - You're right, hers in the picture is quite a bit more curly. The stylist told me we couldn't get that type of curl with a perm (whew, cuz perms cost $$ lol) but that if I wanted I could use curlers. I think I laughed at her heh (me take the time for curlers?? hahahahahaha... ahem).


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