Tuesday, May 24, 2011

End of May update

The move went relatively smoothly. The Man had several guys from work show up to help (hurray for second jobs coworkers who are used to unloading trucks and don't mind stairs). Day one they worked from noon to 4 and had at least half our stuff moved. Day two we worked from 9ish to four again and everything was moved. Sunday we spent a couple hours cleaning, and I handed in the keys first thing Monday morning.

I am TIRED, we really need to put up the curtain in our bedroom (morning sun ugh). But the Kiddo is happy (his room was put together day one so he'd feel as much like normal as possible. The dogger adjusted quickly which is a relief, I did my best to keep her routine exactly the same (potty trips, walks, etc) and I think that helped. Our address is completely different, which is funny because it's the same complex just a different building so I would have thought just the apartment number would have changed.

The Kiddo had all of last week off of school for Kindergarten testing. He did his testing on Friday, you all pretty much already know how it went. He is smart, so of course he tested smart. His reading level was up at a G (I have no idea what grade level that is... but A is "barely recognizes letters" and G is really great for Kindergarten!!). He would have been higher but "he doesn't recall all the details of what he reads" ... for example he read the teacher a book about bubbles but when she asked him what types of bubbles he had read about he was confused and couldn't think of them. When I asked him later what one type of bubble he'd read about was he told me about a boy who blew a bubble with gum and popped it all over his face. (her question was broad and he couldn't recall... mine was specific and he could *shrug*).

The only part of the testing he was docked on was the spelling. He was bored and messing around, she asked him to spell cat and he put two A's in it, she tried to nudge him by saying "really??" and he just laughed and said yep!. Then they spelled the word net and he started to do it again, she did the "really??" nudge again and this time he decided to do things right and removed the second e.

Yesterday was his first day back to school after that break. I decided it was no longer his teachers choice whether he uses his chair in class or not. I am tired of her forcing him to sit in it, it is the ONLY time we use the thing. If it wasn't for her we would have returned it two weeks ago!! Anyway I left the wheels in the car and let him walk into class, I almost got away with it but she asked me to bring them in so when the kids got to go out to play he could sit. I understand her fear of him getting hurt, but she's hurting him by forcing him to sit in a chair watching the other kids playing too! I will not make him finish the school year in a chair, so I will keep trying to get her to adjust. After all there's only one week left.

Tomorrow is the Kindergarten field trip, the class is going to the zoo. I am going as well, with his condition I have pretty much been told I'll be going to all field trips. I'm terrified, I will have at least 5 kids to supervise and keep control of and I really am not happy with the situation. I'm trying to look on the bright side though, I bet I get some really fun pictures.

We leave here bright and early in the morning and will get back home by 1.

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Lady D said...

your going to do fine, the key is to remember that you have the whole MOM vibe going for you. Once kids sense that they tend to listen to what you tell em. I cant wait to hear how it goes :)


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