Thursday, May 12, 2011

off with her hair

This is a rather random post, I should be writing... more specifically I should be fixing other peoples writing. It's the final week of my second class, there is a large paper due (2000 words) and it's a team paper. That means I am relying on three other people to write semi decently. They don't, the one guy in our group turned in his portion of the paper to me yesterday morning. The entire thing is paraphrased and cited. I'm not kidding either, he wrote about 700 words split into four paragraphs, each paragraph has at least four citations in it, and they aren't quoted. Even with that his paper comes back with a 17% plagiarism similarity score (there's a program that the school uses to compare your work to their entire library of work and find plagiarized material). Needless to say I requested that he make an attempt to write more of the paper in his own words.

That's just to give you an idea of what I'm working with. I've already finished my portion (300 words intro + 600 words for an addendum paper). I'm really hoping to get the whole thing done and turned in by tomorrow night but I'm not holding my breath.

A couple years ago I chopped my hair off, it was short, and it was relatively cute but I kept thinking it was to long on top and poofy so it drove me nuts. The thing is most everybody else told me they loved it.

With the Kiddo's broken leg I have been keeping it pulled back constantly, taking care of him and lugging him around make wearing my hair down impractical. Now summer is coming up, part of his physical recovery will be swimming, I intend to take him down to swim at least three times a week. I'm thinking more and more about trying another short hair style.

What about something like this?

That's Audry Hepburn, I've been told I look a little like her (flattery I'm sure because I highly doubt it). Still the hair is short, and cute, and looks amazingly easy to take care of; fluff the back, pull down the top, short easy bangs...

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