Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My morning so far...

It's 8:56 and it's been quite the morning so far.

First the Kiddo wandered into my room at 7am and started to crawl into my bed.

I said "hey! What do you think you're doing, it's not 8 yet... get your butt back to your bed and go to sleep."

He said "but I've been trying to sleep forEVER and I just can't DO it".

He went back to bed (a rule is a rule *grumble*).

At 8am on the nose he came in again. This time he crawled into bed and snuggled for a second, then he asked if I would get up so he could teach me how to do math (he says "maff"). I said no, I had to take cupcake out first. So he jumped up and limped down the hall. Next thing I know he's taking the dog out of her crate and down to her indoor potty, which is in his bathroom. He locked himself and her into the bathroom and spent ten minutes entreating her to go pee "so mommy wont have to take you outside in the rain."

Then he came back to the room and said "mom, cupcake wont go poop, but she did pee so now we can play school and I can teach you!" I told him that cupcake really needed a trip outside to go potty too and that we would play school when I got back in. So I got up, got dressed, and took her out.

When I got back inside the Kiddo met me at the door. He told me that there had been a tiny animal on his toy and that when he touched it, it ran away. I immediately thought spider (though he maintains that it was not because spiders have eight legs and this new animal from Africa only had six). I told him that it sounded like a spider to me, and we had a long talk about not touching bugs OR spiders, especially spiders because they can bite you and that can make you really really sick.

Ten minutes later the kiddo came to me and said "you know that boy on tv? Well he touched a spider and it bit him, but he didn't get really sick... instead he turned into spider man!"... Which led to a long conversation about how spider mans spider was super special but all the spiders in our house are NOT special so NO TOUCHING.

Ten minutes after that he came to me again and said "well spider mans spider WAS special, my spider wasn't a special spider, he was just a scared spider." and he sighed.

After that I sat down with him and he taught me school work (his game I swear). He wrote me sentences with missing words and had me pick the word out of a group of them at the bottom (e.g. "I____you. Water is ___." (love, blue, red, my --- were written at the bottom of the paper).

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C said...

Um. "I red you. Water is love."
Did I get it right?

I don't remember if my kids played school or not when they were little. I can remember me doing it. A friend and I would set up dolls and stuffed animals in rows (we had to imagine the desks), and one of us would sit with them as a student and one of us sat in front with the little chalkboard to be the teacher. It wasn't all about schoolwork, though. Some of it was acting smart alecky or argumentative in ways we couldn't do in real school but occasionally wished we could.


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