Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back from sabbatical...

To be honest I was back a few days ago, but I've felt a little overwhelmed with the beginning of the month things that needed doing and that's why I hadn't posted. Now, however, most of those things are complete so I should be back to posting regularly again.

My trip south was wonderful. Busy as heck, and my brain hurts from all the thinking I did, but we made some really good progress with planning Lady D's wedding.

The Kiddo had an amazing time. It seems like Uncle T played with him almost non stop and he really loved it. Not to mention Uncle C let him play his drums!!

We head back in two weeks and the Kiddo is very excited to see everybody again. I am looking forward to it as well, I love my family and if there was any way that I could excuse an expensive move back south I'd do it.

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Taggart said...

Uncle T really loved it too. The kid had me waking up before noon for a change.


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