Monday, October 12, 2009


When visiting AZ this a couple weeks ago the Kiddo was introduced, by his Grannie, to puzzles online. He does very well and I am pretty impressed with his ability to focus. After we came back to Utah he told his Grandma all about it. She of course is a puzzle maniac and had not realized they could be done online soooo we set her up to go, she was up till well after 1am that first day.

Yesterday I was getting ready to go out and grocery shop, to keep the Kiddo out of my hair I sat him down to do a puzzle. Somewhere between me stepping into the shower and being ready to go the Man decided to test the Kiddo's puzzle skills. The following two videos illustrate his ability to not only concentrate, but to stick to it till it's done... no matter how long it takes*

*he was so tired of doing it by the end, I let him do a 6 piece before we left so he'd feel super good about how quick he can do a puzzle too.

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