Thursday, October 8, 2009

Upgrades?.. woot

I may have mentioned once or twice my dream wish to own a kindle. Yesterday I randomly went to Amazon to drool over it and saw that the price had dropped by 40 bucks!! I threw a mini tantrum thinking that it was one of their quick sale moments and dang if I wasn't in any sort of position to take advantage of it (not that I would be any time soon but I don't have to be logical about these things you know).

A couple hours after that stellar adult moment, I read an article saying that this month Amazon is coming out with a global version of the Kindle!! I don't need a global version, I'm not really all that worldly of a traveler, buuuut if it makes the price of the non global version go down I'll cheerfully do a happy dance for it. Plus it's kinda a cool concept and I do know at least once person who travels outside of the US constantly...

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