Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Man was given the flu vaccine this past Saturday by the Navy. He got the mist form (which he's never had before) and haaated it. The next evening he got sick. He's been progressively worse each day till this morning when he said he finally feels like he's past the worst of it.

I've never been a flu vaccine kind of person, I don't see the need to get one since I'm pretty good about washing my hands or using a bit of hand sanitizer. So far I've been the same with the Kiddo, he's at home most of the days anyway so why bother. Not to mention he has a very good track record of rarely being "flu" sick, and when he is it rarely lasts for more then 12 hours.

Then comes this year with the new Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) diagnosis. And the H1N1 crap going around. I called our endocrinologist and talked to the nurse... she says (as if I'm a complete idiot) well of course get him the vaccine! To which I replied, well see we never do so it would be a first, the Man has a history of any flu shot making him sick, AND the kid has the AI which makes me concerned about putting a virus into his system that might make him sick.

She says, oh well still you need to get him the vaccine just be sure to get the shot NOT the mist... it's better to get the shot and maybe get sick then it is to spend the whole season worried that he will.

So now we wait... we wait for the shot version to come out, and then we go find somebody to give it to him. We cross our fingers it doesn't make him sick, and then we cross our fingers that it does its job and keeps him from getting sick.

Ironically the shot version of the vaccine is not available for us until AFTER our trip (through airports and airplanes) to AZ this coming week. Good thing I have good travel sized hand sanitizer!

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Lynsey said...

He's a champ, he'll do fine :) Have fun on your trip..


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