Monday, October 12, 2009


His second 48 piece puzzle, done today (the Man likes to challenge him apparently). I took a screen shot of the end result and time ... much faster then the last one, maybe water was easier?


360_gandering said...

Next you'll be sitting him down in front of a sewing machine for ten hours a day to make clothes for WalMart :-P
We set him up on Jigzone because it lets you cut any of its pictures into the number of pieces you want to do and he can operate the site himself. If he's happy with bigger puzzles and you are there to help him choose them, Jigidi has more kid themed pictures (Disney, cartoons, cute animals) but without the option to pick the number of pieces - although most of them seem to be in the 24 to 50 range. On their site, look just above the selection of pictures and you will find a drop down menu for filtering the puzzles and one of the choices is "for kids".

Gwyneth said...

er, nah, I don't think I trust him with pointy sharp objects yet hehe

I don't actually like letting him do the "tiny pieces" (as he calls them) but he does request them so what can ya do (his self satisfied grin when he's done is something to see). Most of the time I try to limit the number to 16 or under. Plus I really like that he can navigate Jigzone himself, I'm lazy like that *grin*


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