Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two and a half hours..

The Kiddo's cortisol blood test is finally done! He was amazing, I knew he would be but still even the expected with him sometimes amazes me.

The blood testing involved three separate needle sticks. First we had to go to the pharmacy and get the inject-able medication mixed. Then it was off to the races..

First we went to the blood clinic and have blood drawn for a baseline. This first picture is of the kiddo waiting for his first blood draw. He was watching the guy (who was very nice) get everything ready.
Then the Man gently placed his fingers over his wrist (to keep him from turning his arm) and the guy stuck him. Note that he's just watching. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you'll see that his brow isn't even furrowed. I took this picture as proof that getting his blood drawn doesn't faze* him.
This next picture of of the Kiddo showing off his "sticker" from the first blood draw.
We made the 25 minute drive to the doctors office and after a little sitting around she injected him with the medication. I didn't take any photo's of that so you'll have to take my word for the fact that he didn't cry. He did squirm a little though, I don't think anybody likes to get a needle stuck in their thigh.

After that we hotfooted it back to the blood clinic and at 60 minutes (on the dot) from when the nurse injected him he had a second veil of blood drawn. The last picture here is of him proudly displaying his "two stickers". Not a tear in sight.

*Edited to change the spelling of phase to faze because I am illiterate ... that or because I wanted to make sure nobody thought the kid was only behaving himself because he's in a 'needles don't bug me phase' *grin*.


Lynsey, Nate, and Brynn said...

Yay for Chance, he's such a cute brave boy.

Fef said...

Aw what a little trooped. I am proud of him. Give Chance much love from his Auntie Fef

360_gandering said...

WooHoo! Way to go Kiddo!

Side note to mommy: There are a lot of people who write phase when they mean faze, so I understand totally how you picked up the wrong homonym, but it still drives me nuts whenever I see it. Phase is any one stage in a step-by-step development, or it can be the change from one stage to another (the moon has four phases; a business may phase out a department). Faze means to worry, disturb, or disconcert. (So now I wonder ... Are the Star Trek weapons phasers or fazers? They would probably disconcert the targetted baddie just before changing him to a different stage of viability, so maybe it's a combination word like phazers?)


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