Saturday, August 1, 2009


Back when the Olympics were running hot the Man and I watched ever swim race televised. We followed one Michael Phelps with held breath and excitement. It was amazing when he won, just milliseconds ahead of Milorad Cavic of Serbia. We looked that race up on utube and watched it a dozen times, each time with the same internal excited voice yelling "go, go go go go GO woooo hoooo!!!"

I'm not really a super big swim fan so of course since the end of the Olympics I haven't kept up on any swim news. I did hear a bit of fuzz about Phelps behaving in a not so good way, losing a product endorsement contract because of it, and maybe actually coming in second on a race or two (as he adjusted his stroke to something that was/is supposed to work better for him).

Yesterday I ran across an article discussing a rematch between Phelps and Cavic. Cavic was talking crap because Phelps (or his manager) had said that his Cavics suit was faster, but Phelps is loyal to his brand and even though the brand had told him he could go get the other suit if he felt it would help his time, he did not. So Cavic said he would and was using it as an excuse for the loss he was sure to have at the race. Shoot this entire time Cavic has proclamed to anybody, and everybody, who will listen that HE was the winner at the Olympics reglarless of the time laps photography and electronic press plate proving otherwise.

I am very VERY pleased to report that it was not Cavic who won this rematch. Yep Phelps won, in his usual last minute 'pull up and pass em' style. I watched the video and even though I knew who won I once again found myself cheering him on. Go Phelps!!

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