Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday the pool was closed. It was horrible. The kids were traumatized. The Kiddo kept saying "is the water going to be open again?" ... "Is the water open yet".

I talked to the apartment office lady and she said that it should be open today. I'm holding my breath (don't know if the kids could take TWO days of that sort of disappointment).

Yesterday started with a little educational computer time:
And instead of swimming we went outside and played on the slides and swung on the swings.
After the other kids left I let the Kiddo pick a movie to watch (Meet the Robinsons) because he didn't watch ANY of his usual daily tv*

Today should be more of the same. ... already we are 2 hours into the day with the Kiddo still asleep and the girl driving me nuts asking over and over and over again when he is going to wake up. I finally told her that if he isn't awake by 9 I would go ahead and wake him up for her.

*which isn't much, a movie in the morning (while I wake up) and then sesame street in the afternoon.

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360_gandering said...

Not that this is what happened at your pool, but ... One of the areas near here (Anthem, maybe?) has had so many pool closure days due to fecal contamination that they have had to create a special rule with consequences for violation. I think it was banning the offender, but the odd thing was that the article about it indicated that the punishment would not happen until a third offense. I wouldn't be so lenient. When you pay hard-earned money - in rent or in fees - to have a pool available for your use, the other guy who lets their kid cause a shutdown is stealing your cash from your pocket. The first time it happens it is a mistake, but a second? Smackdown time!
Anyhoo, Glad the old swimming hole is expected to reopen today, so your crew of river otters can go splash about in it.


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