Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Medicinal updates

The previous week has been a rather sparatic posting one here but things should get back to normal now. We have finally gotten all the new meds that the Kiddo is supposed to be taking and have no more doctors visits until the end of next month. He's got his one pill a day of Levothyroxin for his Hypothyroidism. He's got two doses a day of Hydrocortizone (HC) for his Adrenal Insufficiency and that one in the back is a generic liquid version of cleritin (because our insurance pays for it in that form!!).

The orange bottle (the HC) is supposed to be kept chilled which means I suppose I'll be looking around for a bottle cooler so that when I travel or go anywhere in the evening I can take it with me and keep it cold at the same time. Today is the first day giving that medication but he seemed to do well with it, we are going to try an 8am and 8pm dosing schedule (I had to wake him up for it this morning *chuckle*).

The thyroid pills are tiny and he is learning not to chew them. In fact today he didn't chew it at all. He gets those once a day in the morning around 9 and it seems an awful lot like they make him hyper. Of course when the Man asked the doc if that was okay the doc said "they aren't making him hyper, they're making him NORMAL". Ummmmm it isn't like he was all lethargic before! Of course the doc also said that when his system got used to it he should mellow out again, I'm holding my breath and counting down the days till that happens.

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