Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Morning...

Day two of the kiddo's thyroid medication was easier on me then day one. Yesterday I wanted to crawl home and hide in my moms closet, but yesterday my sis also chewed me out for being such a dope... things could be so much worse that for me to get all freaked out over a little pill a day is silly.

Good point Lady D *sigh*

The only bad news I have to report today is that the medication is apparently not helping the Kiddo sleep any better. It isn't supposed to but I admit to a little hope that juuuust maybe it would. But no, even with bags under his eyes he's rolling out of bed before 8.

Apparently this morning he was up before the Man left for work... conversation reportedly went something like this:

The Man: "get back in bed"
Kiddo: "no" ... "I can't"
The Man: "why not?"
Kiddo: "because the sun is up"
The Man: "not all the way yet. Go back to bed"
Kiddo: *sigh* "ok. But I can't sleep"

That sounds about right... considering the usual way for him to wake me up is to sit on my head and pry my eyelids open so I can "see mommie, the sun is up in the sky".

This morning he added the cute little extra of rolling onto his back and punching at the ceiling. When I asked him what he was doing he said "punching the stars out of the sky so the sun can finish coming up."

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