Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday... updates

I ate an entire bag of Doritos by myself yesterday (oh ugh, it was pretty much breakfast lunch AND dinner) and then decided that starting today I really needed to get back on the wagon and doing things more normally... I really can't take a break from all out of the house activities for two full months... so today I'm going to try to go out, we will go to the store and look for cake and party decoration ideas.

The Kiddo said he had a dream last night where he left his cast and his hurt behind and went outside to play on a farm. He keeps telling me that he's worried his leg will never be fixed and he'll be stuck in the cast forever. We've got a calendar for him to look at so we can show him about when the cast should be coming off, but two months feels like forever to him.

The good news of the day is that we successfully made the transition from Loritab to Tylenol last night. Since his second day home he's really only been taking the pain meds right before bed but we think at this point it's more for an ache then an actual pain. So we switched him, and he did fine. I don't know why but it makes me very happy to have him on the less potent stuff.

He still does his hour or so of reading in his room first thing in the morning, but then I bring him out to the "brown chair" and let him watch some cartoons until breakfast. Cupcake really misses being with him, with the cast he's almost never on the floor where she can reach him.. that doesn't stop her from laying in his doorway watching him read, or sitting under his chair keeping him company. She really does love her boy.

Tomorrow is his first day back at school. I'm can't quite wrap my mind around how it's all going to work. I will ask Mrs S if she would like me to stay and help and see what she says, I imagine she'll want me too. I'm hopeful that at the very least by the end of the week she wont need me around for the full class anymore. The good news with that is that we went ahead and purchased that table I mentioned in an earlier post for the Kiddo.

It arrived last Friday and we've been using ever since. It does everything we thought it would, it adjusts in height, swivels, and tilts. We can set it higher and angled for when he wants to color or do his at home work (see him in this picture checking his watch to see if he's going to get his numbers done before it counts up to seven minutes?). We can set it a bit lower and flat for when he eats. It'll be a major pain in the tuckas but I'll be lugging this thing to and from his classroom every day so that Mrs. S doesn't have to worry about 'how' he'll do his work.

So the only thing left to write today is my embarrassed humble admittance that I haven't written my grandmother since this happened. I generally write her twice a week so I'm sure she's wondering what the heck is up. I can't decide if the Kiddo's broken leg and immobility will worry her or not, so I didn't know whether to write. At the very least I thought I should wait till I had some more cheerful things to talk about... Maybe now that things will be back to a more normal schedule I'll do it, I don't think the cast itself will bother her as long as it's mixed in with happy faces and normal life.


Taemin said...

So I'm curious: have you told 'the kiddo' your broken-leg story? That sorta thing, plus the obvious result (you NOT having a cast or any lasting leg injury) might make his situation feel more normal.

Honestly, it seems more rare to have never broken a bone. the way, that WAS you that broke your bone, right? I'm not thinking of someone who just happens to have the same genetic code?

C said...

It's going to be a hassle for you, but getting him back into a bit of his usual routine will be good for him.
Make sure he gets a few minutes of sun on his skin between home and car and car and school so his bod will produce that vitamin D that makes the calcium work to knit that bone back together. Milk usually has D added into it, but other sources of calcium mostly don't ... unless you are eating sardines or anchovies with the bones left in :-P


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